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Make Health Last! What will the last 10 years look like?

Health and Habbits by Douglas Lisle, Psychologist                             Visit Website

Dr Joel Fuhurman: I Love Nutritional Science Visit Website

Dr Joel Fuhurman: 3 Steps to Great Health 1Hour                             Visit Website

Dr Joel Fuhurman: Immunity Solution                                                  Visit Website

Dr Joel Fuhurman: Heart Disease                                                            Visit Website

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn: Reverse Heart Disease                                       Visit Website

Dr John McDougall: Diet VS Drugs                                                          Visit Website

Dr Neal Barnard:https: Kick Start Your Health                                      Visit Website

T Colin Campbell: China Study – Nutrition turns on and of Cancer (book China Study)

Dr. Robert Young on the Importance of Juicing

The pH miracle / Juicing vegetables to alkaline your body.  Dr. Young is a microbiologist and believes that all disease and ailments comes from an acidic body.

YouTube and Netflix: Ted talks Dr. William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

Rip Esselstyn: Plant Strong For Health

Forks Over Knives

A investigative reporter explores the benefits of juicing vegetables and eating vegetables to cure disease

YouTube: BellaVita The Movie Danny Vierra -Heal disease through cleansing and diet

How to cleanse the colon

Danny Vierra you can have vibrant health and detox the body.

Reversing Diabetes by Jack McIntosh, Health Educator

40 Reasons to Excercise by Jack McIntosh, Health Educator

Dr. Michael Klaper, MD. Doctor Klaper

The Pleasure Trap – Part One

The Pleasure Trap – Part Two

How Not To Die

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