Level 4 – Superior Health and Healing

Apply “Include Daily” and “Avoid” to all levels 1, 2, 3, and 4
Please note if you are under doctor supervision always consult with your doctor.

Include Daily: Remember H=N/C ( Health=Nutrient /Calories intake).  Drink 20 ounces of filtered water upon rising.  One large raw vegetable salad eaten with at least 1 ounce of raw nuts or seeds to receive up to 10 times the nutrient benefits in the salad (avoid unhealthy dressings).  At least a half cup serving of beans or legumes in soup, salad or a main dish.  One serving of fresh fruit.  At least one large serving of cooked green vegetables either steamed or in soup.  Chew all food until it is liquefied before swallowing.

Barbequed, fried and microwaved foods, processed and cured meats and commercial red meat.  Dairy (replace dairy with almond, coconut, or hemp milk etc).  Soft drinks, sugar, artificial sweeteners and white flour products.

Healthy Living Key Shows Health Diet And FitnessOrganic Farmer Farm Produce Harvest Retroa17market-variety-1013tm-pic-1466(Add to level 1, level 2 and level 3 the following)
Nutrition: Eat as listed in “Include Daily” and “Avoid” plus eliminate all animal foods including fish, skinless chicken or turkey and eggs.
a16Introduce juicing fresh green drinks with slow auger juicer. Replace breakfast with a freshly juiced green drink that includes 2 stalks of celery, one half cucumber and add kale, spinach, chard or any leafy greens until you have 12 to 16 ounces of juice.
Use fresh pea sprouts or sunflowers sprouts instead of leafy greens to speed up healing even further! You can juice a second green drink to consume in the afternoon to enhance detoxification and healing. For more intense detoxification and healing, add 2 ounces of freshly juiced wheatgrass after drinking water in the morning and in the afternoon prior to the second green drink.

Assortment Of Green Vegetables On A Market StallIncrease raw food consumption and reduce cooked food to no more than 25% of total food intake to minimize immune system activation when digesting thereby channeling more of the body’s energy to healing.
Add fresh microgreens and sprouts to salads such as fresh sunflower sprouts, pea sprouts, clover sprouts etc. each day.

kiwifruit-400143_1280Limit fruit intake to fruit that promote alkalinity in the body including lemons, limes,
cucumbers, red bell peppers and avocados.
Reduce the consumption of gluten, salt, all refined oils, all sweeteners including honey, maple syrup and agave, vinegar, coffee, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol by 100%.

fitness, indoor sport iconsExercise: Move your body a min of a 1/2 hour 6 times per week and include resistance training as at least two of the workouts.  If you can, use a sauna to sweat out toxins.
– Get your blood tested.
– Optional – Add “coffee” or “wheatgrass” enemas to detox the colon.

a7Rest: If you go to sleep no later than 9 pm, you get an extra hour of deeper more regenerative sleep.