Enjoy the sun!

Just a few minutes of sunlight each day can aid our bodies to produces vitamin D, kill germs, strengthen the immune system, and improve sleep.

The amount of natural sunlight that enters your eyes has a drastic effect on your temperature body rhythm.

• When we’re exposed to high intensity light, our body temperature increases, and melatonin levels rapidly decrease.

• Exposure to natural sunlight also delays the temperature drop. This allows you to stay awake and alert for longer periods of time.

• Lack of sunlight results in higher melatonin levels, this leads to lower body temperature levels, feeling very sleepy, and tired through out the day.

Not going out in the sun creates a flat line effect on our body temperature rhythms. Our body temperature will not rise high enough during the day and as a result will not fall enough during the night. This will result in sleep problems and you will be deprived of deep sleep most of the time. Most of us who complain of lack of sleep simply do not get enough sunlight.